Toyota claims its showcase at the upcoming 2011 Chicago Auto Show will involve an immense display of 45,070 square feet, which will be the biggest display ever hosted in the U.S. Although the company has substantial grounds for such claims, that information was checked with Paul Brian, Chicago Auto Show spokesman. He did confirm that Toyota will really present the largest display that the Chicago show has ever seen. On top of having Toyota’s standard display much expanded with a “Prius Zone” (as a tribute to the new Prius V and Prius Plug-in to be showcased), it’s also planning to build up a second showcase area for test driving. The show-goers will now have an opportunity to ride in a number of cars from the new Toyota lineup on a driving course that is 50,000 square feet. This type of an indoor driving track was launched by Chrysler a couple of years ago, and the American car maker will once again present a like course in McCormick Place, Chicago. According to Brian, Toyota and Chrysler will not be the only automakers to offer rides at the show. So will Ford for its new Explorer and Chevy for its Volt do. The Chicago Auto Show doesn’t generally attract as much media coverage as other auto shows like Detroit. It, however, does provide a large footprint that can capacitate such immense showcase areas. And it’s well-organized and quick – the show can get ready to start in just one week. If even that does not impress you, you can check out the live webcams and see the efficiency of construction for yourself. The media days at the Chicago Auto Show will be on 9-10 February, and the show is open for the general public on 11-20, February.