After Top 10 Movie Cars list presentation in September, there were a lot of comments and suggestions to create the list of Top 10 TV cars. To satisfy the request of our fans, we decided to scale the cars that have excited greatly the hearts of TV watchers. Dear fans, here you will find the list of 10 most memorable TV cars. We appreciate greatly your remarks and new ideas on the point to be expressed in our blog.

     No. 10: 2005 Maserati Quattroporte, "Entourage"

If you ever have a lucky chance to have Aquaman take you to Hollywood for a glam lifestyle, a new Maserati would be the finishing touch. A whole new driver generation got craving for this exotic Italian “Entourage".



No. 9: Mach 5, "Speed Racer"

The racing machine had a 5,000-horsepower engine and a seven-button steering wheel with those buttons far from being used for simply adjusting the stereo… Standard application to those were adjusting road traction, slicing obstacles out of the way, turning the car into a submarine... All these 40-year old features make today’s sound adjusting with the help of a steering wheel much less impressive.


No. 8: 1983 GMC G-Series, "The A-Team"

No wonders that only a former military man and master mechanic B.A. Baracus could possess a van that's constantly smashed in great many crashes, pursued and dismantled. Though somebody would think that a band of well-intentioned refugees trying to keep as nearly invisible as possible would drive something with a less eye-catching paint coating.


No. 7: 1973 Chevrolet El Camino, "My Name is Earl"

Who would dream about a dusty and vanguard car that is far from being best-looking? Because El Camino is the one. On top of being literally a trash bag, it was a multicoloured assembly of spare parts. However, we couldn’t help but notice the poetic charm of Earl’s karmic venture to wander in a coupled-together El Camino.


No. 6: 1975 Ford Gran Torino, "Starsky and Hutch"

Sure that Ford has more popular car models throughout its history but the Gran Torino wasn't so bad, this "Striped Tomato" still had its fans. The automaker even issued a model with a paint job like in David Starsky's ride. It was a limited edition version and it didn’t include the sidekick for fighting crime.


No. 5: Batmobile, 1955 Lincoln Futura concept descendant, "Batman"

We fancy it is very difficult to find a person who never dreams about driving the Batmobile. Whatever freaky cars appeared in the movie, even the Penguin fades in the background of long fins, afterburner and classified bat-appliances.



No. 4: Ferrari 308 GTS, "Magnum, P.I."

Would you like as Thomas Magnum to live in a guest house on a beautiful Hawaiian landed property, work occasionally and drive the cherry red Ferrari of the employer any time and to/from whatever places you want? It is a nice career bonus to drive a Ferrari that wasn’t actually mentioned by my college career counselor when he was telling me about my job opportunities.


No. 3: The Mystery Machine, "Scooby-Doo"

This multicolored van is multifunctional as it can hold a freaky Great Dane and four officious children, the Harlem Globetrotters, Don Knotts and whatever other star passengers popping round to join for ghost hunting. Scooby Snacks don’t count because there should have been some trophies after Mr. Furley’s ghost hunting.


No. 2: The General Lee, 1969 Dodge Charger, "The Dukes of Hazzard"

Frankly speaking, the General Lee and KITT were head to head (and bumper to bumper) for the top place. Despite the teen armies desperate to attempt opening-credits hood slide of Luke Duke, KITT did outperform due to having an impressive kit of gizmos. The General didn’t stand a chance in that terrible movie anyway.


No. 1: KITT, 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, "Knight Rider"

With David Hasselhoff being the hotshot of the show, KITT was the primary eye-catcher. The megacomputer controlling this black Trans Am turned it into a smart, ironical, not penetrable by bullets and capable of hopping over obstacles, even high buildings included. The best anyone of us can reach in the attempt to get along with a talking car is just using a voice-prompting navigator.


Honorable Mentions

The Flintmobile, "The Flintstones"

Is it a real car that doesn’t have an engine and brakes? There is a need to refresh in one’s minds that the Top 10 can list only real cars.


Pontiac Firebird, "Rockford Files"

It is really a hot question whether one needs Magnum's red Ferrari and Hawaiian estate when one has a gold Firebird and Jim Rockford's dead-beat L.A. trailer.


1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible, "Nash Bridges"

You should remember how Sonny Crockett revisits the police drama in a bright yellow convertible.


Toyota Pickup, "Baywatch"

It is not surprising by the way that some were watching "Baywatch" for the snaps of the yellow truck of Mitch hurrying for an emotional rescue across the beach.