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Car ID (Where Car ID?)
(2 εβδομάδες)
4,95 EUR
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9,50 EUR 
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(2 μήνες)
14,50 EUR
Premium Listing - rules and advantages:
1. Permanent listing in the left side of the main page, as long it is in the last 5 most recent posted Premium cars.
2. Random listing on top of the main page, depending on current number of Premium cars. For example, if there are listed a total of 60 Premium cars, then your car will be listed randomly approx every 10 page refreshes (display ratio 10 = 60 cars / 6 places).
3. Listing into Premium cars page, ordered descending by posting date: Premium cars in Cyprus
4. Money back 100% guarantee in the first 30 days from the payment date, without any question from our side.
Note: above rules are valid until expiration date of the Premium ad, when the car is removed from the Premium Listing, and remains as Free Listing.